Profresh Style started in 2008, born from a need to express myself. My form of expression came through style - it was my end all, be all. Through the blog, I hoped to land an epic career in the fashion industry (fingers crossed for a call from Conde Nast). Throughout the years, I realized I just wanted to create and create honestly and limitless. I couldn’t imagine not being a creator. It’s in my veins, to express my life through storytelling.

My blog is a place for me to share my stories. Each is filled with a bit of humor, truth and sarcasm. I’ve been known to say a little too much, a little too soon, a little too bluntly. I don’t apologize for what’s written here, what’s photographed or my absence from time to time (albeit, I’m working on this.) There will be days where I’ll teach you how to wear a skirt 24 ways whereas others are filled with my discovery of what my heart really feels.  

This blog is home to me, the readers here (you guys!) have followed my journey from when I moved to Vancouver, opened a vintage shop in Berkeley, got my heart broken, moved to New York City, found a career I was passionate about, moved to Los Angeles and discovered my voice. And, most, will continue to follow as I grow into my own, with...

and empower others to find theirs. 


Originally hailing from Vallejo, California, Christina knew there was much more out there than just the city by the bay. She spent her 20's testing out a few cities; Sacramento, Los Angeles PT. I, Vancouver and New York City. What she realized, is she was chasing something intangible; happiness. The blog became a personal diary of her journey through each year of transition and self-discovery.  Ultimately, she landed back in Los Angeles PT. II, where she is spending her final years of her 20's.

Her love life has been laughable.
Her love for food is indescribable. 
But, what her real passion is people

Christina is an entertainer at her core, from being the loudest in the family, both in fashion and storytelling to the people she surrounds herself with (some of the funniest you'll ever meet). Whenever she meets one of you, it makes her day to know a story touched your heart or an outfit was on point (!) or maybe when she became the Chipotle girl (yeah, that happened). She found how creative and brilliant some of you were, some becoming close friends and awesome partners. She wanted to create a place where creatives can connect, collaborate and create beautiful content. So, her latest project? Jig + Saw.

Lately? She now resides in sunny Los Angeles. Her day consists of financial planning, working with epic brands and supporting the coolest creatives you'll ever meet. She has the most handsome love of her life who happens to be her Senior year prom date (!). She lives with her Manchester terrier, Pippa Jace, a life coach and all her Apple products. She loves Chipotle burrito bowls, expensive Verve coffee lattes and getting sweet emails from you.

My goal is to always entertain you and encoUrage yoU to go for it, girl.

It’s my absolute mission, and hope you find a place here. 

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