You all have been asking. You all have been waiting. Well, fine. You're very fucking welcome.

Profresh Pizzas (#bam)

Ingredients: The kind of shit you can't live without that mixes well with garlic. Lots of it. I chose two styles of pizza: one with my homemade sauce (I'm Italian on the inside) and one without. Toppings for potato pizza: shallots, garlic (half a head, that's what she said), baby red potatoes, fresh or frozen corn and swiss gruyere. Yeah. Boy. Toppings for basic bitch pizza: my homemade sauce, fresh motzerella, fresh prima donna cheese, garlic olive oil and fresh sliced roma tomatoes Homemade sauce: keep that shit simple. San Marzano tomatoes (both crushed and diced), fresh basil, S&P, chili flakes, sweet white onion, 3/4 head of garlic, olive oil, a pinch of sugar


Layer all those bad boy ingredients. Bake in an oven, as per instructions on the damn packaging. Rocket science, I tell ya. Cut piping hot and sprinkle fresh cut cilantro. BANGIN'. Screw parsley, we keep it caliente up in this here kitchen.

Serve with some of your foodie crackhead besties, puppy not included.

Enjoy you little Betty Crocker/Rachael Ray wannabes. Just kidding. Or not. GET COOKING! (and subscribe.)


chrisjeansnew photo-5double card chrisjeansnew photo chrisjeansnew photo-8 Well, well, well. I've been on the busy side of life haven't I?

I just got back from Coachella and realized I hadn't posted in almost three weeks. Lo siento children of the Profresh. But as you know, I've been busy doing this and all these other cool things with work that I haven't had a chance to write, put down some thoughts or even shoot looks. I know right? WHAT. IS. HAPPENING. I've got to say though, it's been nice being on the hustle, not worrying about anything else but my job and enjoying it. But I'll always come back to the good ol' Profresh.

Side note, has anyone seen the previews for Girl Code? Now, you all have been following this blog for a while. Am I not made for this or what? A girlfriend of mine showed me the trailer, on the web (seemingly unlike the rest of the Western Hemisphere) and I fucking died. The first thing I hear is penises (Pennisssesss! YAY!). Okay, done. Second thing I hear is cuttin' bitches. Okay, check please. I'm all over this new show. If I was ever made for TV, it's TV like this. One day folks, one day.

P.S. I'd love your little faces off if you voted for my looks on Vanity Fair! It could mean good things for me...and you! ;)

// Wearing //


vintage rabbit fur sweater | a fucking sweatshirt from the Gap | denim jeans from Aeropostale (who am I?) | Pour La Victorie heels | jewel Charming Charlie necklace
aka this look is called "throw up your hurr girl, keep it basic"
Photos by my boo Karen


chrisdressnew photo-2
chrisdressnew photo-2
double green
double green
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chrisdressnew photo-13
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chrisdressnew photo-7
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chrisdressnew photo-11

Spent Easter Sunday with my weekend lass and it was really, really nice. So nice that I've got to share a wonderful story with you.

We walked into this amazing restaurant in Astoria, Locale, and I desperately needed to use the restroom so while Karen got seats, off I went. After I came back feeling refreshed (pa-pa-potty time), I was ready to grub. Karen and I are goofing off, laughing and being typical girls, taking pictures and just indulging in each other's company when a woman taps me on the shoulder. This is what she said:

"I just have to tell you that you have such a presence. From the moment you walked in, you were so captivating. I love your vibe, absolutely love your style and just need to tell you that. You and your friend have such radiating energy, it's so attracting and beautiful."

She said it so eloquently that I'm sure I butchered it but ....!!! That woman, I won't ever forget. That was such a moment for me. Coming off such a wild ride this year and its' previous, it was the most perfect thing a stranger could say to me. Such a mood booster and overall act of kindness that gave me a self-esteem boost that I really needed at that moment. I think what made it so awesome was that she was a stranger, taking notice of a silly person like me and just had to say something to me before she left. I want to be that kind of person; the kind of person that watches and sees who and what is happening around her, so much so that she has to say something to a perfect stranger. It's such a wonderful thing, from the receiving end and I'm sure from the giving end as well.

She made my day. So whoever you are out there, thank you. Thank you for making my day that much better and for inspiring me to be a better being.

// Wearing //

vintage rabbit and pearl oversized sweater | vintage 60's minidress (remember here?!) | vintage Ralph Lauren belt | Pour La Victorie nude pumps |

BrahminTucker satchel

| Forever 21 chiffon skirt (underneath) |

Charming Charlie

necklace & studs

Photos by my boo thang Karen