Before I left New York, I knew I wanted to do a few more fun videos with friends. So, I got together with a great group of NYC kids to do what I do best: get drunk. And stuff. 

Thanks to Serena + Davie & Erica  for helping me make one of my favorite pizzas ever: The Naan Pizza. 


- Fucking delicious garlic Naan (from your local Indian store or restaurant)
- A bunch of baby yellow potatoes aka carbs that stick to my insides, thinly sliced
- One shallot, cuz we're fancy
- A whole head of garlic - that's what she said
- Gruyere, mozzarella and a peppered cheese (I used parmesan I think, I was drunk, I don't remember)
- Arugula, cuz again, we're fucking fancy
- Two sliced roma tomatoes 
- Cliantro, cuz we're spicy
- A shit ton of olive oil because homegirl likes a good crisp


Cut, slice, dice, shread, layer on a Naan and BAKE THAT SHIT. 425 degrees until crisp on top. YEAH BOY. 

Other ingredients to include, optional: one handle of vodka, sparkling water and oj. Cuz. I mean. DRUNK COOKING IS AMAZING.  

Note: this isn't a cooking video.  



14 hours.
14 hours standing/sitting in the rain to go into a box... that was raining. Yes, that was my Sunday afternoon a few weeks. And I completely loved it.  

Knowing I was going to move from New York City, I knew I had to take advantage of all the awesome activities and the environment that is NEW. YORK. CITY. I can tell you this; I hadn't visited a museum until the last few months of my departure. When my friends called me up for the last day of the Rain Room at the MoMA, I knew I had to do it despite the fact that it was raining, hot and the line would be inevitably long. 


I rallied with my friends, playing Heads Up with strangers and eating delicious street meat - nothing mattered within this 14 hour span than hanging with these people. I knew that I probably wouldn't see them for quite some time so taking advantage of these moments was the most important thing.. besides the fact that I was dying to go to the rain room. 

If you weren't able to go to the Rain Room, that is just too freaking sad because this was such a cool experience. I already love the rain, madly, madly love the rain. Being able to walk into the room and smell fresh raindrops, feel the midst on my skin and dance around was so awesome. And also, capturing really cool images didn't hurt. 

If you went, did you think the wait was worth it? I think it was and would totally do it again. 



Of course I had to do a recap video to share with you my little moments while living in New York City for the past two+ years.

The journey was rough and sometimes unbearable but I became such a strong person because of that bright-lit city. There were so many people I met where memories were made that will last forever. There were jobs I want to forget and some I'll never let go of. There were many nights spent in bed, laying with my best friends of the city, thinking about the future. There were were too many nights spent alone in bed. But the ones with another warm body were moments to never be forgotten. These were the moments that changed me forever.  

In my last weeks, I got to spend time with my favorite people of the city and I'm so lucky I was able to. I got to thank them for being there, shared with them my fears and anxieties and relived the memories we shared together. If you missed those moments, head to Instagram for a mini recap. 

I only hope for all of you to experience what I have. Leaving everything behind to chase a dream was the bravest, most exciting thing I've ever done with my life. I get to say I lived in the craziest city in the world and I made it. Landed my dream job, made amazing lifelong friends and realized what I want from life. I hope for you that you go out and venture, if only for a while. Learn about yourself, figure out what you want to do and the type of person you'll be. My world was changed because of New York City. It was a city that provided me with opportunity, exposure and personality traits I don't think I could of gotten anywhere else. 

My new chapter begins in Los Angeles and it's already been a ride. Thank god for friends and family that are here to support and help me through the TOUGHEST move I've ever made [yes, that includes my move to NYC!] I can't wait to share with you all that's happening. I know I've been gone a while but, as you may notice, Profresh is getting back in her groove. Stay with me kids, it's going to be a good, good ride. Oh, and psst.. I recommend subscribing to my YouTube channel. Much more to come- I think you're gonna like it. 

So what will you seek?
Share with me- I'm always curious what you'd love your life to look like or be. If you're already living it, share! Inspire me and everyone else reading.




As most of you know, vintage/thrifting is my haven. There is nothing that makes me happier than rummaging through someone's discarded treasures. I find the  most interesting pieces and believe there had to of been an amazing woman behind these treasures I come across.

I went up to Astoria to visit Karen and she took me on quite the journey. This little nook had so many beautiful wonders- I only assumed there would be a price tag to match. I was wrong. So wrong. Most of my favorite finds were under $100 which was BAFFLING. I literally wanted to scoop up every single piece and march myself home and decorate my room in all these treasures. My most favorite find were the clip-on earrings. The selection was astounding and so inexpensive. Karen and I both found such unique little gems. Thank god for her finding this treasure cave.

If you happen to be in Queens, head up to Astoria. Visit Pin Up Queens (it's on a small street adj. a main stretch of road. look for the dress hanging outside the front stoop) End your day with a slice of mud pie at The Neptunes Diner.

Yeah, it was the perfect Sunday.